Duckworth Boats - Perhaps the Road to Hapiness Isn't a Road After All.
Duckworth Boats - For Every Dream, There's a Duckworth.
Duckworth Boats - You Certainly Won't have to Fish for Compliments.

Be Prepared for the Constant Waves of Joy.

Take the Long Way Home

The iconic emblem that adorns the stern of every Duckworth is a treasured designation. It’s far more than a name or plaque. It’s the realization of a dream and the unrelenting pursuit towards achieving it. You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned your metal. Join the family of Duckworth owners and proudly display your accomplishment.

Duckworth Owners Aren’t the Type to Keep Their Opinions to Themselves.

This boat is the best I have seen or owned. It is built to outlast whatever is thrown in its path and its finish is top notch. Duckworth gives me the confidence to take on extreme conditions.

David S.
Edmonton, CA
Pacific Navigator

I have spent the last 10 years saving and searching for a boat and the more I looked, the clearer my answer became... Duckworth.

Captare S.
Athena, OR

Thank you for building me a beautiful boat! The Fit & Finish is second to none. Customer for life!!!

Anacortes, WA
Offshore 28