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Duckworth Boats, a renowned American boat manufacturer with over 50 years of history, is based in Clarkston, Washington. The company specializes in producing top-notch heavy-gauge aluminum boats, crafted to exact specifications using the finest materials and advanced technology. This dedication has positioned Duckworth Boats as an industry leader.

Renowned for being the boats that ‘conquered the West,’ Duckworth’s creations are celebrated for their capability to enhance every aquatic adventure. Originally focused on inboard engine boats with jet propulsion for navigating challenging waters, Duckworth now offers a diverse range of thirteen outboard models suitable for various water bodies, from lakes and rivers to offshore environments.

The legacy of the founder, Ernie Duckworth, continues to be the cornerstone of the company. Despite several changes in ownership, Duckworth Boats has unwaveringly upheld Ernie’s vision of excellence in boat construction and performance. The boats are not only visually striking but also boast superior on-water performance.

Today, as a part of the Renaissance Marine Group, Duckworth Boats brings additional advantages to its customers. This affiliation enhances the boats’ market value, guarantees exceptional service, and leverages the strengths of a large-scale, individualized boat manufacturing process.

Throughout its evolution, Duckworth Boats has steadfastly adhered to its founding principles of customer-centric service and quality, a legacy that began with the original founder and continues to guide the company’s direction and success.

The Duckworth Difference

Duckworth boats are known for their styling, performance, and signature appointments. We take pride in our premium construction and exceptional fit and finish, which allow us to bring the best heavy-gauge aluminum boats to the market.

At Duckworth, we are dedicated to transforming the everyday on-the-water experience into something truly legendary. No matter what your boating style may be, there is no better way to do it than on a Duckworth boat. Whether you’re out fishing for your next big catch or enjoying a leisurely cruise with family and friends, Duckworth has a boat that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

10 Reasons to buy a Duckworth:

We proved our positioning and earned our place in the heavy-gauge aluminum community’s hearts and minds by meeting the needs of our fans again and again. Our boats will continue to evolve, and our brand will change, but as long as we consistently deliver on our core brand benefits –the reasons consumers look to Duckworth Boats –we will stay relevant to their lives. Each reason is backed by truths, and perspectives we share with our consumers. By committing to points of view that resonate, we know we are on track to meet their needs and win their loyalty.

1- Highest Quality

Not content to follow trends, Duckworth Boats always strives to put the best boat on the market, consistently offering the highest quality standards in all aspects of the boating industry.

2- Best Begets the Best

Harnessing efficient manufacturing methods allows Duckworth Boats to offer boats that stand above those produced by other manufacturers using conventional methods.

3- Live the Life

By selling the most premium heavy-gauge boat in a mature manner, with class, and educating where possible, Duckworth Boats elevates the entire experience of boating beyond what consumers typically experience.

4- Total Transparency

Boat consumers deserve to know about the products they are using. Duckworth Boats gives peace of mind by sharing everything from manufacturing methods to information on where our boats perform the best.

5- Innovative Commitment

We prioritize the development of cutting-edge technologies and integrating new ideas into our designs to improve the performance, comfort, and safety of our boats. With a focus on enhancing the overall boating experience for our customers, Duckworth Boats remains at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

6- Integrity is Inherent

Duckworth Boats chooses to lead, not follow and wields its reputation as a powerful tool to demonstrate to the boating industry how the highest standards in all practices lead to optimal results.

7- Passionate

We love what we do, and it shows. We strive daily to build the best product, provide the best service, and create the best resources for our customers.

8- Lifetime Hull Warranty

How confident is Duckworth in the construction of their boats? They’ve backed them for your lifetime of use. Trip-after-trip, fish-after-fish, memory-after-memory, Duckworth boats reflect the highest standards of construction, durability and materials. Plus, your warranty is transferable during the first 10 years of ownership.

9- Exclusive Extrusions

You need only glance to know it’s a Duckworth. Massive chine, gunwale and keel extrusions make Duckworth boats immediately identifiable and distinctive. They also make them ultra-strong. Welded continuously from inside the boat with a tongue-and-groove style assembly assures each Duckworth’s strength and integrity. Solid, thick extruded pieces of tempered aluminum assure the unique strength and design characteristics of every Duckworth.

10- A True Reverse Chine

It’s a difference you’ll see immediately in the bottom of most outboard Duckworth boats. Duckworth’s true reverse chine isn’t just a piece of aluminum that’s welded to the bottom of the boat, it’s a dramatic angle that’s formed into the bottom and creates unparalleled lift and instant planning performance.

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