A Duckworth boat’s styling, performance and signature appointments are legendary. It’s the boat that conquered the West and continues to win the praise of serious whitewater boaters, anglers, hunters and passionate outdoor enthusiasts intent on adventure and making the most out of every waterborne moment.

Duckworth is a RMG Family Brand.

Being part of Renaissance Marine Group comes with a long list of competitive advantages. We’re a privately-owned, family company. We don’t have to answer to Wall Street or a multi-national, mega-conglomerate parent company. We answer to our customers. Boating is our passion. When we’re not on the job building the finest watercrafts, we’re on the water enjoying the freedom and adventure boating brings.


Every Duckworth, from top-to-bottom, stem-to-stern is the product of thorough engineering. Duckworth’s in-house engineer leads a team of experienced boat builders working from real world dealer and customer input to produce superior and functional designs. Important? You bet! It means critical tolerances are maintained, stress loads are understood, and performance is enhanced in the design and production of every boat. There’s no trial and error here; Duckworth boats are the result of calculated engineering that assures the fit, form and function of every boat built. Duckworth boats are also custom tailored to the unique regional needs of local waterways. A cooperative relationship with dealers and customers allows Duckworth to integrate the features and performance attributes most desired in the marketplace.

Service and Support Throughout the Region

Renaissance Marine Group is the leading builder of heavy gauge all-welded aluminum boats. In addition to Duckworth, RMG also manufactures Weldcraft and Northwest Boats. While the sales of each brand are restricted by dealer territory, service and support is not. More than 50 independent dealers throughout the west and United States, are authorized to service all RMG brands. This means Weldcraft owners are never far from an authorized service center. RMG is the only heavy-gauge welded aluminum boat builder that can offer this level of customer support… an enormously important benefit of Duckworth ownership.

Exclusive styling.

From the trademark Duckworth gunwale to the rake of the bow and windshield, there’s a distinctive style you’ll only find in a Duckworth. It’s the boat people aspire to own because of Duckworth’s reputation for strength, styling, ride and handling. There’s truly nothing else like a Duckworth. The gunwale, for instance, is an ideal tread area perfect for getting in and out of the boat. Don’t worry you won’t hurt it if you step on the gunwale; it’s a solid extruded piece of 6063 aluminum that provides remarkable mass and strength. There’s no other gunwale like it, and no other boat that features the bold but precise lines and signature touches that are uniquely Duckworth. From the cast Duckworth emblem and sparkling flawless paint jobs to its trademark top and upholstery, Duckworth truly stands head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Exclusive extrusions.

You need only glance to know it’s a Duckworth. Massive chine, gunwale and keel extrusions make Duckworth boats immediately identifiable and distinctive. They also make them ultra-strong. Welded continuously from inside the boat with a tongue-and-groove style assembly assures each Duckworth’s strength and integrity. Solid, thick extruded pieces of tempered aluminum assure the unique strength and design characteristics of every Duckworth.

Lifetime hull warranty.

How confident is Duckworth in the construction of their boats? They’ve backed them for your lifetime of use. Trip-after-trip, fish-after-fish, memory-after-memory, Duckworth boats reflect the highest standards of construction, durability and materials. Plus, your warranty is transferable during the first 10 years of ownership.

NNMA Certified.

NMMA Boat Certification ensures every Duckworth is built to applicable standards set by the American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC). Duckworth must submit applications for all models; each model must be physically inspected by an NMMA inspector annually. To achieve Certification, we must demonstrate that all variances found during the inspection have been corrected. We are responsible for ensuring that all production units are manufactured in compliance with the certified design.

A True Reverse Chine.

It’s a difference you’ll see immediately in the bottom of most outboard Duckworth boats. Duckworth’s true reverse chine isn’t just a piece of aluminum that’s welded to the bottom of the boat, it’s a dramatic angle that’s formed into the bottom and creates unparalleled lift and instant planing performance.

Model Diversity.

With more than 20 models to choose from, nobody does forward helm (windshield style) welded aluminum boats as well as Duckworth. From the awe-inspiring 255 (25’6”) Pacific Navigator with its expansive 7′ bottom width to the ultra roomy 18 (18’3”) Navigator Sport’s 72” bottom there’s a model for every recreational application and enthusiast. Duckworth builds inboard and outboard jet models, deep vee open water boats and boats fully capable of tackling the world’s most treacherous rapids one day, mining for ocean salmon the next and taking the family skiing, tubing or wakeboarding anytime you like.

A Boat In Demand.

Few boaters buy a boat thinking about the day they’ll sell it, but it’s good to know that Duckworth boats command consistently higher resale values. They’re a boat that’s in demand, sought by Duckworth-owners-to-be, and hold their value because they’re difficult to find. Once you buy a Duckworth it’s unlikely you’ll want to let it go…but if you do, know there’s a huge market that’s always looking for a Duckworth.
Duckworth’s parent company, Renaissance Marine Group (RMG), is the leading builder of heavy gauge all-welded aluminum boats. With dozens of dealers throughout the west and United States, RMG dealers are authorized to service any RMG brand. This means Duckworth owners are never far from an authorized service center. RMG is the only heavy gauge welded aluminum boat builder that can offer this level of customer support…an enormously important benefit of Duckworth ownership.