Boat Builder

20 Advantage Classic

Plenty of room for you and your five, first mates.

The Duckworth 20 Advantage Classic takes the beloved features of the original and enhances them with a direct transom mount designed specifically for outboard motors. This addition not only streamlines the motor installation process but also optimizes the boat’s performance on the water. The extra length remains, providing ample interior space for storage and passenger comfort, while maintaining the high sides for safety and security. Whether it’s a leisurely day on the lake or an adventurous fishing trip, the 20 Advantage Classic is engineered to ensure that your experiences are not just about the destination, but also about the journey—efficient, secure, and with the power you need directly at your stern.

Duckworth’s true reverse chine isn’t just a piece of aluminum that’s welded to the bottom of the boat, it’s a dramatic angle that’s formed into the bottom and creates unparalleled lift and instant planing performance.