Boat Builder

20 Discovery


The Duckworth 20 Discovery boat redefines what angling families seek in a versatile marine craft.

This vessel is designed to navigate a variety of aquatic environments with ease and bring its passengers back to shore safely after a day of adventure. Boasting the broadest extended transom in its category, the Duckworth 20 Discovery ensures that everyone aboard is cradled within the safety of a full-height transom, complemented by the most spacious fishing cockpit in its class.

While many boats can navigate multiple water types, the 20 Discovery is a cut above the rest—with its robust extended transom, encompassing gunwale, and deep-v hull, it stands as the ultimate safe and multi-functional maritime tool for families who cast their lines in pursuit of more than just fish, but memorable experiences as well. Choose from a full hardtop for complete protection, a semi-hardtop for a balance of shelter and openness, or a soft top for enjoying the sun and breeze.