Boat Builder

22 Pacific Pro

For adventurers who demand versatility

The Duckworth 22 Pacific Pro is a testament to maritime engineering, with its pronounced upswept bow and a formidable 32-degree bow deadrise, designed to tackle the high seas with confidence and ease. It stands as a fortress on the water, boasting a substantial 39.5″ side height to shield against the elements and ensure passenger safety. This vessel is not just about resilience; it’s about choice, offering a robust full hardtop for those who prefer a secure, enclosed experience on their voyages. For adventurers who demand versatility, the optional Alaskan bulkhead with a lockable door provides the flexibility and accessibility needed for diverse maritime endeavors. The Pacific Pro isn’t merely equipped for the ocean—it’s a vessel that commands it, with features that promise security and control amidst the unpredictability of open waters.

New black faced gauges with chrome bezels set a new standard. Plenty of room for large screen electronics.

Stow frequently needed items overhead for convenient access. Keep tools and supplies in the floor or bow storage areas.