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The fact that every other boat owner at the marina wants a Duckworth says it all!

— Chuck D., Everett, WA
Advantage – 18

I now have my boat and it is awesome…thanks Duckworth gang!

— Brian R., Rochester, WA
Advantage – 20′

Rock solid. Craftsmanship is outstanding.

— Ben D., El Dorado Hills, CA

The quality and ride of the boat are above average. I love the lines of the Offshore models!

— Jeff L., Wasila, AK

I like the stability and features of the boat. It’s so easy to fit 4 adults in the cockpit without anyone tripping over each other or gear.

— Brent H., Woodinville , WA
Offshore – 26

What I like most about this 28’ Offshore is its performance. It has a top speed of 44 mph and a comfortable cruising speed of 32 mph. It also has twin Yamaha 150’s, making it very fuel-efficient. I can go for days without filling up the 175 gallon fuel tank! The ride is fabulous at full throttle. When you have to trim the bow down and hammer the offshore swells, its very comfortable and surprisingly quiet!

— Brian S., Red Deer, AB

Fun to drive and a blast to fish out of. Roomy and comfortable. Just a nice boat in all aspects.

— Jim B., CLatskanie, OR

One of several things I like about my Duck is the reverse chin feature, as it helps the boat get up one step faster and keeps the boat from slipping down to lower speeds. When I first test rode my Duck, I was in 2’ chop with white caps and I could tell right away the boat would be much smoother riding and handle very well. There is one other feature that I really like, and that is with the sides and back splash higher, I can fish in the ocean for salmon, which extends my salmon season by a couple of months or more. I have had two of my neighbors over to look at it, one of them sold boats for a while and the other built them and both were very impressed with the quality of workmanship of the boat. However I must admit, I do have one problem with the boat. Everybody who sees it keeps drooling on it and it is just a pain to wipe off without a big grin on my face. I am very particular about my boats and I feel that mine is top of the line.

— Chuck S., Glide, OR
Navigator Sport

If I had to choose a favorite feature, I would probably say the handling and the smooth ride. I’ve never had a boat that comes close to the responsiveness and stability that this boat does.

— Robert T., Lakeside , OR

We love our yellow 19’6’’ Pacific Navigator with a 150 Yamaha, 8hp Kicker and Minn Kota auto pilot. It is our retirement boat and after two years of shopping, we made the perfect choice. Six years of weekly boating in the California Delta and a trip to the Flaming Gorge chasing Kokanee every year, this boat will do it all. Just use a Hudson sprayer and a Bug Off window cleaner when it comes out of the water and it will still look new. The compliments never end and factory support is excellent. I am a PROUD OWNER.

— David D., Waterford, CA
Pacific Navigator – 19.6

My family is always happy when we’re on the water in our “Scarlet”. We make great memories every trip. We get compliments all the time at the boat launch about how great our boat looks. We spend just as much time in her on the driveway telling stories as we do in the water. Already peeking at the Offshore series…

— DJ H., Richmond , BC
Pacific Navigator Sport

Quality construction and great ride! This is very important to my wife and I, who are both retired and have back problems. We get envious looks and endless compliments. from owners of other brands of welded aluminum boats, which make us feel good about our choice. The Yamahas are our first four cycle outboards and we are really impressed with the quiet power and fuel miserly operation.

— Don Y., Reno, NV
Pacific Navigator – 19

Boat is great. Everything I asked for in a fishing boat.

— Josh D., Winters, CA

I appreciate the quality of workmanship and reliability of my Duckworth boat(s).  My Pacific Navigator gets fished in constantly, but has never let me down.  The dealer service at Valley Marine has been outstanding both before and after the sale and the warranty work performed at the factory was excellent. There was absolutely no hassle and most importantly, they fixed it right!  When it came time to consider buying a second boat, I never thought twice about buying another Duckworth!

— Pat M., Richland, WA

It’s depth and width provides lots of room to fish in.

— Gene S., Springfield, OR

It’s just nice to get away from all the people. It is also a multiple use boat. It can go anywhere I dare to take it.

— Greg A., Idaho Falls, ID
Advantage Inboard

Fun to drive and a blast to fish out of. Roomy and comfortable.

I spent over five years riding in various boats and found the Duckworth to be the best by far.

— Mark D., Pilot Hill, CA
Navigator Sport – 19.5

Purchasing this boat was the best decision I have made to boost the fun factor in my life. It is built strong enough to survive my many beginners’ mistakes.

— Brian G., Eaglecreek, OR

I have spent the last 10 years saving and searching for a boat and the more I looked, the clearer my answer became. Duckworth. As I heard so many times, ‘our boats are just like a Duckworth.’ Now that says something don’t you think? If you’re on the Columbia and happen to see my yellow Duckworth with Marine Corps stickers on it, ask me then what I think of it.

— Captare S., Athena, OR

Similar to most Duckworth owners; I find my boat to be smooth and stable, even in rough water. The offshore engine bracket and fishing transom with live well is very nice. With a 150 Yamaha, this boat is economical and cruises effortlessly. No matter what the conditions, we are always satisfied! What a joy to own and use. The only complaint we could have is that there are not enough hours in the day that we can spend on our boat.

— Mike C., Almira, WA

We love the craftsmanship of our boat, the smooth ride in rough water on those days that turn ugly, and most of all, the security we get from a well built boat. There is plenty of room for all of us (we are a family of 5). We are always getting compliments from other boaters about how GREAT our boat looks. The Yamaha 150 has plenty of power and is very quiet! Wouldn’t trade this boat for anything!!!

— Chris C., Mt. Vernon, WA
Pacific Navigator – 21.5

The size is great for me, it’s easy to handle, rides great and handles nice in what I would call rough weather. I got caught in surf this summer- it was foggy out so I couldn’t see, I was North of North Jetty at Winchester Oregon, and took water over bow. Even in this situation, the boat handled nice. We took 4 or 5 breakers and did not get beat up so of course, I was really impressed. I really like the ride, as it does not beat me to death. The only problem I have with it is keeping it clean…every time I show off my boat, I have to follow people around with a towel to wipe up the drool. A couple of days ago, I had a guy stop me to take a look while the boat was on the trailer. He was debating between a Hewes and a 18’ Duck Navigator, but is buying a Duck now. I fish lakes, rivers and oceans with my Duck. I was previously an assault boat engineer in the Navy and I feel pretty safe in this boat. This will be my last boat, unless I get a bigger one, but I doubt that will ever happen. I have a 90 Yammer on back with 19’’ prop and I can still get to 29 or 30 depending on conditions. I can even tow my grandkids on the wake board. Funny thing is, my neighbor bought one just like it except one year newer and a different color.

— Chuck Sumstine, Glide, OR

I am not speaking from personal experience, for I have not used my Duck yet, but knowing how it was used before and after doing extensive research to what these boats can endure, I am pretty confident. The previous owner used it in Alaska to haul a 350-gallon water tank full of baitfish. If this boat can handle that, we know it can handle the load of 4 divers and boat operator along with our extra tanks, ropes, and communications gear. One of the features we are hoping will serve us well is the triple stage jet pump. With people in the water and communication/tether lines attached to divers, we don’t have a prop to worry about getting in the way. Again, I look forward to posting more as we use it, but after watching the videos on the Duckworth website it gave us great respect and excitement for what we now have the opportunity of using. Though it is an older boat, I am convinced that it can still perform.

— John D., Commerce, TX

This boat is the best I have seen or owned. It is built to outlast whatever is thrown in its path and its finish is top notch. Duckworth gives me the confidence to take on extreme conditions. It is one of the safest boats out there! You could not ask for a more comfortable boat to fish in. It is very versatile. Hats off to the engineers at Duckworth!

— David S., Edmonton , AB
Pacific Navigator – 19

Unique in the Midwest; we expect exceptional performance in this lake/river.

— Robert S., Minneapolis , MN
Magnum Inboard – 22

Stability and comfort on the water are the most notable features of this boat. My wife would not go out in my last boat, but after one ride in the Duckworth, she said she felt safe and would like to go out again.

— John F., Pasco, WA

Great purchase experience! EBay auction and pick up all in a week. Cant wait to put it in the water!!!

— Ron W., Boulder Creek, CA
Pacific Navigator

I feel like a million bucks when I’m cruising in my Ultra Magnum! The “oooohs” and “aaaaahs” we get from the crowd as we’re tearing up the intense white-water always gives my ego a nice boost.

— Gary H., Portland, OR
Ultra Magnum

Quality fit and finish.  Outstanding engineering and construction standards.

— Gary M., Lyle, WA

We love our Duckworth.  It has the comforts of a small pleasure craft with the strength and agility of an excellent fishing boat.  This early edition is built like a tank with thick aluminum construction and all welded seams.  It feels sound on the choppy water with little to no flex.  Its hull runs quiet and we especially like the comfortable seating, carpeted floors and sides and bulletproof foredeck.  For a small boat, it comes equipped with plenty of storage and cubbies for equipment.

— Hans A., Portland, OR

We love the craftsmanship of our boat, the smooth ride in rough water

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